Algorithms for creating tailor-made tourist itineraries integrating means of transport and points of interest.* *taking into account in real time
crowds and disruptions in transport.
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Create a strong and lasting relationship with your customers by offering them an enriched and personalized travel experience.

Mobility operators

Create optimal travel experiences by connecting your networks to local places of interest and events.


Destination managers

Hotel or tourist place, enrich the user experience of your customers by connecting to mobility offers in your territory.


Integrators / developers

Do you create websites or service platforms?
Save time and create even more added value for your customers. 

Visitmoov APIs allow you to automatically build visit experiences integrating the preferences and places of interest of your customers as well as the means of transport.

API POI Engine

A library of detailed places of interest

Access a catalog of several million points of interest detailed and classified by categories (culture, shopping ...)


Send a location, your criteria and the API returns you:
- location
- name and description
- photo
- timetables
- prices ...
Access the documentation →


API Multimodal Trip Planner

Multimodal Trip Planner

Get a detailed and optimized itinerary according to your parameters to connect your points of interest.
The calculator covers the whole of France and includes all means of transport (except scooters).
You can choose, exclude or combine means of transport dynamically via the API.


Send the departure and arrival coordinates, your criteria (type of transport, price ...) and the API sends you back:
- detailed roadmap
- geometry

Access the documentation →
Visitmoov APIs give you access to updated information in real timetaking into account the crowds and disruptions in transport.

API Creative tour

Create optimized visits

Create an optimized visit with the places of interest of your choice, from our API or directly from those from your POI catalog.


Send the coordinates of your departure and those of your arrival, your places of interest, your criteria and the API returns you:
- detailed tour circuit:
list of transport and descriptions of places of interest chosen from those automatically selected to answer user expectations and defined constraints.

Access the documentation →

API Magic tour

A tailor-made visit

Magic Tour allows you to create a tailor-made visit based on the preferences and constraints of the visitor: typologies of places, time available, budget, means of transport.
Magic Tour calculates a personalized visit experience taking into account your constraints.


Although the operation is similar to that of Creative Tour, with Magic Tour the research is done on a typology of places (culture, shopping…).

Access the documentation →

Visitmoov API
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